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COVID-19- We we are not worried for your pets contracting it and why. Please read this helpful article from the AVMA.

3.30.2020- please read the below updated notice about COVID-19 and our protocol update within the hospital.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

We want to update you of our policy for the COVID-19 situation.

No changes for clients at this time. We will remain open and seeing patients as previously noted.

Please do not be alarmed if you notice our staff wearing masks now. We wear these for your protection to avoid the spread of any possible COVID-19 through saliva or other airborne measures. We would rather be extra safe to protect our community.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, 2020:

We will continue to not allow anyone but team members into our clinic but a few updates as listed below.

- We will be continuing any and all scheduled appointments, surgeries, and dental procedures as they are. If you have an appointment already scheduled; we will still see your pet (details below how). If you do not want to keep your appointment for any reason; please contact us ASAP to cancel and reschedule your appointment.

-For all appointments, prescription pick-ups, and surgery drop offs: please remain in your car and call the clinic upon arrival. We will have a team member come out to the car to bring your pet inside (or bring your prescription to you). Please let the team member know of any concerns or questions you have for the appointment. All payments will be handled via phone when possible, and if not possible they will be done at curbside.

-We have modified our scheduling policy! We will be seeing a limited amount of wellness/vaccine appointments when we are able to. If you have been told in the last week that we are unable to see you until May (our previous statement) and would like to come in sooner, please call or email to see if we can fit you in sooner. It will be on a first come basis for these appointments, and they are limited to how quickly our schedule fills up.

-At this time, for any NEW scheduling of surgeries; with the recommendation from our state veterinary board, we are holding the scheduling of any new elective surgeries. This is to help conserve supplies that may be needed on the human medicine side. We consider dentals, canine and feline spays, and feline neuters to be non-elective due to the nature of events that can occur with holding off on those procedures. Lump removal procedures will be considered on a case by case basis by the veterinarian. As stated above, if you already are scheduled for a procedure, we are willing to continue as scheduled!


We are busier than usual, please allow for extra time for filling medication and food refills. Also, if you want a refill without leaving your house, check out our online pharmacy! Delivery right to your door (many prescription diet prices beat those of chewy)!

Thank you again for your understanding and patience thus far.


We will not be allowing anyone but team members into our clinic.

This recommendation comes from our state veterinary board. We will still conduct surgeries and appointments as scheduled, but a team member will come to your car to bring just your pet inside (cats must remain in carriers, dogs will be taken with your leash and two TVC slip leads as extra precaution). Triage, exam findings, payment, etc. will all be handled via phone or curbside and medications will be brought to your car. Please be understanding in these very uncertain times as we try our best to protect our staff while providing a vital service to our community.

Thank you for your understanding and patience thus far.

3900 Ten Oaks Road

Glenelg, Maryland 21737

Office (443) 535-9257

Fax (443) 535-9259


Accepted Payment Methods:

We do not accept care credit at this time.

Need a prescription refill? 

Give us a call (443) 535-9257 or go check out the online store! We require 24 hours for prescription refills in the hospital. You will be called once your prescription is ready for pick up. 

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